Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Wedding To Go To

Let’s just get this out in the open – We love Indian Weddings!!!

What else would help explain the fact that we take great pains to make it so colorful and have it drag on for days. We were born to Sing, Dance and Party.

Since traditional Indian weddings in North America are far and few in between, we were thrilled when an invitation arrived in the mail the other day. If you knew anything about Indian weddings, you too would have also been hooting and hollering just as my daughters did when they saw it. However, their glee soon dampened when they got a glimpse of a particular line on the RSVP card.

Numbers attending....(2)!!!

What a shock to their childish, happy-go-lucky minds. They were not invited.

It was more of a shock to them since they have been talking about this shindig for the past two months. As most pre-teens girls do, mine have been chit chatting with their friends as to which Lehenga they will be wearing, what songs they will be dancing to and who will be sitting next to
whom. No more! Well, all those plans went flying out of several Indian windows within the past 3 days.

Indian weddings, in general, have always been considered to be a family affair. Kids laugh and Run around. Grandmothers cast knowing glances as well as unnecessary remarks about the overabundance of the bride’s jewelry, or lack of. Mothers wish (or offering up pujas) that their daughters were next in line. Fathers and grandfathers, oblivious to the wedding at hand, just stand in a corner and wait to make good use of the happy hour. Former grooms try to catch a glimpse of what they can no longer have while former brides try to subliminally pass on an Important wedding day message to the new bride..."DON'T DO IT".

You've seen it. It's the same basic chaos that goes on with most weddings. But hey, what’s an wedding without a bit of chaos?

So, now that the number of attendees has been answered for us, let’s move
on to the next question. What do we do with the kids while we’re partying
it up? Since most of the Indian community has been invited, the finding of
a babysitter has become the proverbial needle in the proverbial haystack.
A majority of the parents are racking their brains in trying to find a
solution to this conundrum. Maybe we can herd all the kids in one house,
throw some non-perishables in through the window and escape before they
realize what has just happened.

You think it will work?


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  2. Ammu,
    First of all, the wedding picture is awesome. You look lovely.
    Not sure what the couple in question thought but I can't imagine an Indian wedding without the ultra-lively crowd peppered with boisterous kids.
    Anyway, good luck in your unt for a baby sitter.

  3. wow Ammu you look so beautiful & naive as a bride...kids make any event colourful & lively;sorry to know that they were not invited

  4. Hi Ammu,

    That was an awesome writing - I could visualize the scene of an Indian wedding perfect reading your blog.

    BTW, poor kids are excluded! So did the Indian couples attending the wedding find enough baby sitters to take care of their kids???