Thursday, April 16, 2009

Never judge a book by its cover

Remember when your mom always told you to never judge a book by its cover? Well she wasn’t just talking about books but also about people. How many times have we judged a person solely on their looks?

Well, the judges and audience of the show, Brittan’s Got Talent were no different when 47 year old Susan Boyle came on stage. The plump yet cheeky lady instantaneously reaped jeers and eye rolls even before she introduced herself. Her dream of becoming a famous singer and the fact that she had never been kissed just added fuel to the fire.

With the music cued, Miss Boyle starts her rendition of “I dream the dream” from Les Miserables and UK was shocked. That shock has now spread to the US.

Now, I’m not a fond listener of such music but this lady caught my interest and I’ve found myself listening to her several times.

I encourage you to watch this. And remember, don’t judge the next “book” you see by its cover :)


  1. Amen to that. When I saw that it was amazing. I am not very well versed in Les Mis as well..but she has a set of pipes on her. Funny, I think the same thing about Anoop Desai...dont judge a book, dont judge a book.

  2. You are right.Being judgemental is a waste of time. Most beautiful things in life if not all are found by seredepity (my most favourite word). Including my landing on your blog and discovering that I have the same theme as yours for my blog. Cheers